Home of Karelian Language (2014)

The idea of the Home of Karelian Language was born in 2011. Since then, a lot of work has been done: there have been numerous meetings, searching for partners and premises, raising funds in Karelia and in Finland, pulling down an old building, and starting to reconstruct a new one. We have founded a new Association for the Home of Karelian Language in Vieljärvi. We have now 30 members.

Karelian is a fully-fledged language in every field of life. But no language can develop without being used outside the home, or in education. The mother tongue has an important role in everyone's life. Respect for one's own language and culture is reflected in everything in life. Therefore, in the Home of Karelian Language, we wish to develop and extend the use of the Karelian language and raise its status.

In the Home of Karelian Language, we will arrange courses of Karelian language, physical exercise, all kinds of courses in Karelian: cookery, handicrafts, information technology etc. One can listen to audio books there, read newspapers and books, or play bingo in Karelian. There will also be a washing machine in the home, and while it is running, one can read newspapers or weave.

The foundation of the new home was laid in September 2013, after which the construction of the frame was started. Money for the construction has been collected by baking and selling Karelian pasties, and by selling books and clothes on flea markets in Karelia and Finland. We have received help from the Karelian "OOO Avtodorogi Pryazha", GUP RK "Most", Stora Enso Impilahti saw mill, A-Real architectural firm, and Gloster hardware store, and OOO "Zenith" firms, and from Prirozhnikova charity fund. Most of the donations have come from private persons.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia, which will, under protection of the Head of the Republic, support the Home of Karelian Language by various cultural events (see videos). The ECHO project under the EU ENPI framework funded the purchase of windows and AV equipment.

Would you, too, like to help us? If you have any ideas concerning the construction of the Home or the activities there, please write to olga.gokkoeva@pp.inet.fi or call +79214503549 (Russia), +358400 166737 (Finland).

You can also support our work by making a donation to a Finnish bank account:

Receiver: Kinnermäen ystävät Ry, Karjalan kielen kodi
IBAN:     FI70 1840 3000 0068 47 
Join us and take action for the Home of Karelian Language!

The Home of the Karelian Language (2017)

Karelian regional non-governmental organization “The Home of the Karelian Language” was founded in the village of Vedlozero, Pryazhinskii District, Republic of Karelia, in 2013. At the moment, the membership is 40 persons. The organization has a wide cooperation and support network for its activities not only in Karelia, but in other regions as well. The Charter of the organization contains two major goals, namely development of the Karelian Language and enhancement of living standards of local people. In order to achieve these goals, the organization has been collecting money for the construction of a new Home of the Karelian Language in the village of Vedlozero with the area of 500 m2.

The foundation of the Home was laid in 2013, and in January 2015, the first interest clubs were established. Late 2016, construction of the second floor was started, where a performance hall will be located together with several guest rooms for volunteers and guests of the Home. As of today, the Home of the Karelian Language runs several interest clubs of the Karelian Language, handicrafts, children’s and adult’s theater. In 2016, the adult theater group conducted 21 performances in 15 settlements, including Finland. Due to cooperation with the school, kindergarten and the library, children and young people come to the Home to study Karelian and attend masterclasses on handicrafts and baking. Approximately once a month, the Home of the Karelian Language facilitates meetings of Club “Companion”.

One can do physical exercises with a virtual coach in Karelian, do some laundry, get access to the Internet, listen to books in Karelian, take some books in Karelian home or buy them, measure blood pressure or buy souvenirs at the Home.

The Home of the Karelian Language has become a popular place for international and interregional activities dedicated to Karelian and Finnish-Ugric Languages. It is a non-governmental organization, which carries out all the work at the Home of the Karelian Language, with the help of project financing and donations. In the spring of 2017, the Home of the Karelian Language launched a so-called “language nest” for school-age children, and it is financed via grants and donations. This spring the “nest” will be opened half a day every day, and the whole day afterwards. They talk only in Karelian at the “nest”, what will help children master Karelian as their mother tongue.

Our organization has been actively earning money for the current costs (power, land lease, maintenance of the Home, pay for subcontracted specialists etc.). However, we cannot develop without external assistance. We would like to ask for help everybody, who is interested in preserving the Karelian Language and life in rural area. You can support the House of the Karelian Language by transferring money to an account in Finland:

  Recipient:  Karjalan kielen kodi
  IBAN:  FI70 1840 3000 0068 47
You are welcome to the Home of the Karelian language!